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Zhu Yixin (朱怡欣) is a Chinese singer under STAR48. She is a member of the girl group GNZ48's Team Z.


2017-present: GNZ48 Team G; Team NIII; Team Z[]

On April 29, 2017, she was revealed as a second generation member of the girl group GNZ48 and joined Team G.[1]

On May 14, 2018, she was demoted to trainee status. [1] Three months later, on August 10, she was re-promoted to Team G.[1]

On Decemeber 20, 2018, she made her music debut with the EP Now and Forever, where she was included in the b-side "Brave Heart".

On April 19, 2022, she was once again demoted to trainee status along with Zeng Aijia due to serious violations and misconduct.[1] Four months later, on August 23, she was repromoted to an official member but instead was transferred to Team NIII.

On January 15, 2023, she was transferred to Team Z a team shuffle.[1][2]

Personal life[]


She began dating Zeng Aijia in 2019. However, sometime afterwards the relationship soured, resulting in a public breakup.[citation needed]

Awards and nominations[]

Year Event Category Result
2018 SNH48 Group 5th Annual Popularity Election GNZ48 Popularity 16th
2019 SNH48 Group 6th Annual Popularity Election Overall Popularity 45th
GNZ48 Popularity 10th
2020 SNH48 Group 7th Annual Popularity Election Overall Popularity 28th
GNZ48 Popularity 10th
2021 SNH48 Group 8th Annual Popularity Election Overall Popularity 18th
GNZ48 Popularity 6th
2022 SNH48 Group 9th Annual Youth Festival Overall Popularity 16th
GNZ48 Popularity 4th
2023 SNH48 Group 10th Annual Youth Festival Overall Popularity 9th
GNZ48 Popularity 5th


  • Her skills include playing games and staying awake.
  • Her hobbies include reading shoujo manga, drinking Coke, wearing small skirts, and collecting cute things.


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