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Xu Shiqi (徐诗琪) is a Chinese singer and actress. She is a trainee member of the girl group SNH48.


2016-2018: SNH48 Team XII[]

On September 15, 2016, she was revealed as a seventh generation member of SNH48 and joined Team XII.[1]

On May 19, 2017, she made her music debut in the group with the EP Summer Pirates, where she was included in the b-side "夏之色".

2018: SNH48 Team X[]

On February 3, she was transferred to Team X due to the dissolvement of Team XII.[1]

On October 20, it was announced that she would be going on an indefinite hiatus due to pressures from fans after it was revealed she had been dating.

2021-present: Return to SNH48[]

On July 10, 2021, she returned to STAR48 and joined SNH48 as a trainee member.[1]



  • Girls Detective Agency (Tencent, 2018)
  • Meet by Window (Youku, 2021)
  • I Love You (Sohu TV, 2021)

Variety shows[]

  • SNHello! 2 (2018)

Awards and nominations[]

Year Event Category Result
2018 SNH48 Group 5th Annual Popularity Election Overall Popularity 45th


  • Her skills include piano, script writing, and telling jokes.[1]
  • Her hobbies include piano, watching anime, talking about scripts, telling jokes, making short films.[1]


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