Van Ness Wu ((吳建豪; 吴建豪; Wú Jiànháo|poj=Ngô Kiàn-hô) is a Taiwanese American actor, singer, director, producer based in Asia. He was born on August 7, 1978, in Santa Monica, United States. He worked as a telemarketer before moving to Taiwan. As a member of Taiwanese boyband F4, he has appeared on three albums. He has also released three solo albums, and collaborated with Korean star Kangta to produce one album, "Scandal." He has also been featured on singles by Beyoncé and Coco Lee.

Wu has also appeared in several dramas for Taiwanese television both with and without other members of F4, and has starred in three motion pictures.

Wu has directed two music videos off his "V.DUBB" album, as well as a video for Nike's "This is Love" campaign in Hong Kong. He was also executive producer with Terry Tye Lee on the Nike track, "She's Not Sorry."

Acting creditsEdit


Year Title Alternate Role Notes
2001 Meteor Garden 流星花園 Mei Zuo Taiwanese live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga, "Boys Over Flowers"
Meteor Rain 流星雨 Mei Zuo
Meteor Garden II 流星花園2 Mei Zuo
2002 Peach Girl 蜜桃女孩 Ah Li Taiwanese live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name
Come To My Place 來我家吧 JJ Taiwanese live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga "Uchi ni Oideyo" by Hidenori Hara
2004 Say Yes Enterprise 求婚事務所 Song Zhen Kai Story 01: Cinderella
2008 Wish to See You Again 這裡發現愛 Leo
2009 Autumn's Concerto 下一站,幸福 Ren Guang Xi
2010Year Of The Rain那年,雨不停國Ah Huang's cousinGuest appearance, also the Executive Producer of the serial


Year Title Alternate Role Notes
2003 Star Runner 少年阿虎
The Kumite (Canada, USA)
Bond Cheung film debut
nominated: Hong Kong Film Awards, best new artist
2005 Dragon Squad 猛龍
Dragon Heat (USA)
Officer Wang Sun-Ho
2007 Kung Fu Fighter 功夫無敵 Ma
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 三國之見龍卸甲 Guan Xing
2009 LaMB Dr. Grisworld (English voice acting)
Kung Fu Chefs
2010 The Road Less Travelled
The Haunting Lover
1040 Movie Christianity In New Asia Himself (exclusive interview)
TBD Grand Theater


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Books Edit

  • Daydreamer - autobiography
  • With F4
    • F4@Tokyo - 2005 photobook
    • Comic Man - The First Anniversary of F4 - 2002 photobook
    • Meteor In Barcelona - 2002 photobook
    • F4 Music Party - 2001 photobook

Concerts Edit

  • 2010 APAHM Concert - Seattle, Washington & New York
  • 2008 F4 Japan Tour-Yokohama, Tokyo, Osaka
  • 2008 Murakami Contemporary Art Exhibition-Geisai Museum, Tokyo Japan.
  • 2007 Vanness Wu 2nd Solo Concert in Japan-My Kingdom
  • 2006 Vanness Wu 1st Solo Concert in Japan-Vandalism in Tokyo
  • F4 Forever 4 - March 22–25, 2006 Hong Kong
  • F4 Bangkok Fantasy - 2004 Thailand
  • F4 Happy New Year 2004 - 2003 Philippines
  • The Event (with Ken and ASOS) - 2003 Philippines
  • Fantasy F4ever Live Concert World Tour - 2002~2003 Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, U.S.
  • F4 Music Party - 2001 Taiwan

Discography Edit

With F4 Edit

Please see main article: F4

Solo workEdit

Title Track List Notes
身體會唱歌 (Body Will Sing)[Sony Music Entertainment]
  • Released: 2002 September 19
  • Countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan
  1. 序曲 (Intro)
  2. 尋找茱麗葉 (Searching for Juliet)
  3. My Friend
  4. 我討厭我自己 (I Hate Myself)
  5. 身體會唱歌 (Body Will Sing)
  6. 寂寞廣場 (Lonely Square)
  7. Sick
  8. 想像十個你 (Imagine Ten of You)
  9. 那個女生 (That Girl)
  10. 午夜場的電影 (Midnight Movie)
  11. 因為太愛你 (Cuz I Love You So Much)
  12. Can't Help Falling in Love (by F4)
"CD + CD Extra" version also featured "Ask for More" by F4
V.DUBB [Sony BMG Music Entertainment]
  • Released 2007 April 20
  • Countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea
  1. 我的王國 (My Kingdom)
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. 放手 (Let Go)
  4. Just One Dance
  5. Friday Night
  6. 幻想這愛 (Wanna Love Somebody)
  7. 零時差 (In Sync)
  8. 媽媽 (Mama)
  9. 如果 (If)
  10. Eternity
  11. 幻想這愛 (Wanna Love Somebody) (House Remix) (Cantonese Version)
Japanese release featured a Japanese version of "Wanna Love Somebody" as Track 11, plus a Japanese version of "Wanna Love Somebody (Justin Michael Remix)" as Track 12
In Between[Sony BMG Music Entertainment]
  • Released 2008 July 1
  1. 我不是自己 (I Am Not Myself) [NEW SONG]
  2. Lucky Me [NEW SONG]
  3. 自己的節奏 (My Own Pace) [NEW SONG]
  4. 我討厭我自己 (I Hate Myself)
  5. 午夜場的電影 (Midnight Movie)
  6. 零時差 (Zero Time Adjustment)
  7. 尋找茱麗葉 (Searching For Juliet)
  8. 我的王國 (My Kingdom)
  9. 放手 (Let Go)
  10. 想像十個你 (Imagining Ten Of You)
  11. Never Let You Go
  12. Listen to Your Heart
  13. 誰讓妳流淚 (Who Made You Cry)
  14. 因為太愛你 (Because Of Loving You Too Much)
  15. 媽媽 (Mother)
  • Released 2009 May 20
  1. ONLY
  2. Cinderella
  3. Hello Super star
Vanness first Japanese single
I Don't Wanna Lose You [PONY CANYON INC.]
  • Released 2009 September 2
  1. I don't wanna lose you
  3. It's your girl
  4. I don't wanna lose you (Instrumental)
  5. KODOKU (Instrumental)
  6. It's your girl (Instrumental)
Vanness second Japanese single
  • Released 2010 January 20
  1. Reason
  2. Stuck on U
  3. Reason (Instrumental)
  4. Stuck on U (Instrumental)
Vanness third Japanese single
Reflections [PONY CANYON INC.]
  • Released 2010 February 3
  1. Hyper Car
  2. Kodoku
  3. Stuck on U
  4. Reason
  5. Purple Rain
  6. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  7. Only
  8. Super Model (English)
  9. Sail Away (English)
  10. Devil (English)
Vanness first Japanese album

With Kangta & VannessEdit

Please see main article: Kangta & Vanness

SCANDAL-Kangta & Vanness Collaboration 2006

Other collaborationsEdit

Commercials/Endorsements Edit

Other Ventures Edit


After having dabbled in a few ventures with friends, from clothing to a shoe store, night club to record company, movie productions to talent agency. Now finally comes something that Vanness has always loved doing but never really had the chance of getting real hands on, until now- jewelry.

He has always been drawing/designing but finally has met the right people to help put the visuals into solid form. Vanness has partnered up with Janet Yang President of Dazzling and J-Y Fashion, to design and create his first ever jewelry line. All of the pieces were designed to reflect where Vanness is currently in his life right now. From the chastity belt double finger ring, to a selection of crosses, which have all been on sale since February 13, 2009. Love. Faith.Live

Smash and GrabEdit

Smash and Grab was Co-Founded by Van Ness Wu in 2006 and is an up and coming broad-based entertainment company. They specialize in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all types of entertainment and its business. Smash and Grab is leading the way in the entertainment industry. From music production and recording in there private Studio, to music videos, television, feature films, home video/DVD, books, product and brand licensing. Smash and Grab is formed by a group of young artists all with different entertainment backgrounds. They are a leading up and coming entertainment company working throughout Asia.


Van Ness Wu and his childhood friend Brandon Cheng first introduced Triumvir in 2004, an independent lifestyle company with apparel as its primary focus. Triumvir consists of a group of individuals, with varying takes on life shaped by different backgrounds, sub/cultures, experiences and upbringing of each member. Its these differences tied together by the main commonality of Orange County. For those unfamiliar with Orange County it is a sub/culturally diverse segment of Southern California. With a wide range of influences from skate to hip hop, punks to hipsters; its these intertwining subcultures that have molded these individuals to form Triumvir.


Back in June 2007, Van Ness collaborated with Singaporean urban art icon Jahan and created the LeftFoot Taipei chapter. LeftFoot is a shoe boutique which specializes in limited edition footwear.


Vanness Wu also invested into the creation of an up scale and luxuriantly styled nightclub, which opened its doors for the first time on March 26, 2008.


Machi is a rap/hip hop record label which Vanness has also invested in. Based in Taiwan Machi was founded by music producer Jae Chong and Jeffrey Huang.

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