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VERA is a six-member Taiwanese boy group under TPOP Entertainment. They debuted on December 27, 2022 with the studio album Venus Era.



The members were originally contestants in the Taiwanese survival show Atom Boyz and were part of Team Venus. After the show ended, a crowdfunding campaign was started in August 11, 2022, to help fund their debut project.[1] The original goal was to raise 6 million dollars (NT$6,000,000) but the campaign ended with a total of seven million (NT$7,000,000) raised.

2022-2023: Debut with Venus Era, "R U Sure?"[]

On December 26, 2022, they formally announced their new group name to be VERA -- a combination of the words "Venus" and "Era".[citation needed] Also, as part of Stage 3 of their debut project campaign, a studio album was released, containing two new songs, six songs originally performed in Atom Boyz, plus a solo song by Bobby: nine in total.

On December 31, 2022, they performed at a New Year's Eve concert in Kaohsiung.[2] After that, they appeared at the 2023 Pingtung New Year's Eve Gala.[3]

In February 2023, VERA was invited as a special guest to perform in HUR's first concert.

On March 2023, preorders for the physical version of Venus Era were opened.[4] On the same month, a series of individual teaser videos were released, culminating with a group teaser, preceding the release of the music video for the song "Vera".

On November 25, 2023, VERA announced through a video teaser that they would be having their first-ever comeback on December 1 with the digital single "R U Sure?".[5]


Name Year(s) active
Bluebro (藍弟) 2022-present
Skylar (學文) 2022-present
Mike (孟維) 2022-present
Jhen (蔡朕) 2022-present
Bobby (巴比) 2022-present
Nelson 2022-present


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Solo concerts[]

  • Venus Era Taipei Concert (2023)





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