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The Puzzle5 is the first sub-unit of AKB48 Team TP. They debuted on December 4, 2020 with the single album "Majisuka Rock n' roll".

The group was assumed to be disbanded after its 1st generation members, LiEn, Liz, and StarRy officially graduated from AKB48 Team TP on August 20, 2023.


Name Position(s) Color(s) Year(s) active
English Hanzi Nickname
Li Jia-li 李佳俐 Liz Vocalist        Berry Red 2020-2023
Sin Tik-kei 冼迪琦 StaRry Drummer        Sun Yellow 2020-2023
Pan Tzu-yi 潘姿怡 Mayon Bassist        Tomato Red 2020-2023
Po Ling 柏靈 LiEn Keyboardist        Sapphire Blue 2020-2023
Lin Ting-li 林亭莉 IZ Guitarist        Lilac 2020-2023


Single albums[]

  • "Majisuka Rock n' roll" (2020)