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The Coming One Super Band (明日之子乐团季) is a reality television series broadcast by Tencent Video. It is the fourth season of The Coming One. It airs every Saturday at 7 p.m., CST.


The Coming One SUPERBAND is a competition for a new generation band. This program is set in the background of Warm blood school. From the perspectives of singing strength, instrumental performance, stage experience, and musical attitude, it helps young people who are interested in music to find like-minded band partners, share dreams, and finally form a five-member new generation band.

- From YouTube


  • Zhou Zhennan
  • Nana Ouyang
  • Lang Lang
  • G.E.M.
  • Liang Long
  • Pu Shu



Name Instrument
Xu Yang (徐洋) Percussion
Yang Yongqiang (闫永强) Suona
Yang Qianye (杨千野) Drums
Yang Yingge (杨英格) Voice, Keyboard
Zhang Jiayuan (张嘉元) Acoustic Guitar
Tai Le (泰乐) Trumpet
Wang Shunhe (王舜禾) Voice, Drums
Wang Zeren (王泽人) Electric Guitar
Xu Mingyang (徐明扬) Voice
Ma Zhe (马哲) Voice, Guitar
Samhar (萨木哈尔) Dombra
Sheng Shuo (盛硕) Keyboard
Su Wenhao (苏文浩) Electric Guitar
Kong Xiangyu (孔翔宇) Rap
Li Runqi (李润祺) Vocals, Keyboard
Liu Yang (刘炀) Electric Guitar
Lu Junjie (卢俊杰) Rap
He Junxiong (贺俊雄) Vocals, Keyboard
Hu Yutong (胡宇桐) Drums
Huang Weiming (黄唯铭) Vocals
Ju Yiming (鞠翼铭) Drums
Shen Zhengbo (沈钲博) Keyboards, Vocals
Da Xi (达西) Vocals
Da Hang (大航) Bass
Halamuji (哈拉木吉) Morin Khuur
Yang Runze (杨润泽) Vocals, Electric Guitar
Xiao Zhi (小智) Bass
Xie Yuanyu (谢渊宇) Drums
Zhang Yang (张旸) Vocals, Electric Guitar
Zhao Ke (赵珂) Rap
Liao Juntao (廖俊涛) Vocals, Guitar
Ren Yinpeng (任胤蓬) Cello
Tian Hongjie (田鸿杰) Vocals
Wang Jiangyuan (王江元) Acoustic Guitar
Wu Xing (武星) Vocals, Guitar
Fu Sichao (付思超) Vocals, Double Bass
Fu Zijian (付子健) Acoustic Guitar
Li Ruiyang (李睿洋) Drums
Liang Guohao (梁国豪) Rap
Ma Tianyuan (马田原) Bass, Drums

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