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The Coming One (明日之子) is a reality show produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and Wajijiwa Entertainment, and broadcast by Tencent Video in 2017. It is the first season of The Coming One series.

The winner of this season was Mao Buyi, with Victor Ma and Zhao Tianyu placing second and third place, respectively.


The show showcases talents competing to earn the title of Coming One.


Group 1: Breathtaking Charm (盛世美颜)[]

Name Name in Hanzi Brand name Notes
Zhao Tianyu 赵天宇 Outsider (局外人)
Wang Jingli 王竟力 Xi Wu Ji (稀物集)
Zhang Donghe 张栋河 Eliminated
Zhang Renjie 张任杰 Eliminated
Chang Bin 常斌 Sexy Brain (性感的大腦)
Zhu Zijie 祝子杰 Little Bear Meow (小熊喵)
Cui Yuxin 崔雨鑫
Yao Xi 姚曦

Group 2: Extraordinary Talent (盛世独秀)[]

Name Name in Hanzi Brand name Notes
Liao Juntao 廖俊涛 None.
Zhong Yixuan 钟易轩 24h Bun Shop (24h包子铺)
Zhou Zhennan 周震南 V Member of R1SE
Victor Ma 马伯骞 Author
Li Yanxin 李炎欣 Eliminated
Mao Buyi 毛不易 Super Hard Studio (巨星不易工作室)
Zhang Yihao 張洢豪 Eliminated
Chen Luoli 陈萝莉 Eliminated

Group 3: Magical Voice (盛世魔音)[]

Name Name in Hanzi Brand name Notes
Cai Wang Luobu 才旺罗布 Luobu (罗布)
Zhu Zefeng 朱泽锋 Eliminated
Meng Zikun 孟子坤 Ds
Huang Kun 黄鲲 Eliminated
HeZ 荷茲 HeZ Virtual idol
Li Juncong 李俊聪 Eliminated
Zheng Jintao 郑金滔 Eliminated
Lu Zezhou 吕泽洲 天“秤”座