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Take Me (爱; stylized in all caps) is the first special EP by SNH48. It was released September 3, 2020 as a commemoration album for the first generation members of SNH48.

The physical comes in 12 versions; Standard and 11 Limited Individual Member editions.

Track list[]

  1. "Take Me (爱)"
  2. "I Can Fly (飞翔)" (Chen Guanhui)
  3. "Darkness Diary (天黑日记)" (Chen Si)
  4. "Somewhere (约定之地)" (Dai Meng)
  5. "我的世界还有你" (Kong Xiaoyin)
  6. "Chengguang (晨光)" (Li Yuqi)
  7. "梦与星光的海上" (Mo Han)
  8. "蜉蝣" (Qian Beiting)
  9. "人间规则" (Qiu Xinyi)
  10. "废墟纪元" (Wu Zhehan)
  11. "Swan" (Xu Chenchen)
  12. "+-" (Zhang Yuge)

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  • Although Xu Jiaqi is in the promotional photos and videos for the album, she does not participate in its recording due to her promotions with THE9.