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Stars Academy 2 (聲夢傳奇2) is a Hong Kong reality television series broadcast by TVB Jade. It is the sequel to Stars Academy.


Like the original Stars Academy, it is a show where young singing talents show their skill and compete to receive the "Legendary Rising Star" award.


  • Sammy Leung


Red Team[]

  • Eric Kwok
  • Gin Lee
  • Vincy Chan
  • Phil Lam

Blue Team[]

  • Hanjin Tan
  • Alan Po
  • Eman Lam
  • JW

Guest mentors[]

  • Ghost Style


Red Team[]

  • Jasmine (任暟晴)
  • Sabrina (趙紫諾)
  • Sean (文佐匡)
  • Crystal (梁芷菁)
  • Vivian (江廷慧)
  • Mandy (孫衣文)
  • Zayden (彭家賢)
  • XiX
    • Vici (莊殷玥)
    • Aster (劉芷君)
    • Crystal (梁善知)
    • Charlotte (繆昀希)
    • Kiele (鄧曉殷)
    • Caitlin (楊秉頤)

Blue Team[]

  • Janees (黃洛妍)
  • Pamela (趙小婷)
  • Timothy (陳昊廷)
  • Desta (李茵彤)
  • Duncan (侯雋熙)
  • Maggie (趙頌宜)
  • Angel (劉詠彤)
  • Jason (陳晉軒)
  • Christopher (金永衡)
  • Nicole (蕭呈謙)

Foreign contestants[]

Simultaneously to the main show, Stars Academy 2 has held talent competitions in both Malaysia and Australia,[1][2] and the winners from both the Malaysia and Australia shows would have the oportunity to fly to Hong Kong and battle the original contestants.

Name Origin Notes
Vincent (陳泓升) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia competition winner
Xair (彭詡越) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia competition winner
Zev (梁宸語) Sabah, Malaysia Malaysia competition runner-up
Ziwei (王紫薇) Penang, Malaysia Malaysia competition runner-up
Zentson (潘乾政) Selangor, Malaysia 5th place in Malaysia competition
Lorraine (孫佳利) Brisbane, Australia Australia competition winner
Gina (蔣沁忻) Western Australia Australia competition runner-up


  • Aster departed the group XiX and debuted as a soloist on May 20, 2023, signed under All About Music.
    • The group XiX (without Aster) officially debuted on September 16, 2023, signed under Universal Music Hong Kong.


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