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SWIN-S is a Chinese boy group under Pelias Entertainment. They are the music sub-unit of SWIN.


2015- 2016: Super Idol and debut of SWIN[]

In 2015, the members participated in Anhui Television's Super Idol, and advanced to the top 15. For the next year and a half, they began to receive training in vocal, dance and acting.

They officially debuted on October 18, 2016, being split into the two sub-units SWIN-S and SWIN-E.

As the group had already accumulated a sizable fan base at the time, the debut was highly anticipated by both the members and their fans. However, due to Pelia's mismanagement, the group rarely had performance opportunities and public appearances, which resulted in a dwindling fan base and popularity.

2017: Cai Xukun's departure[]

On February 10, 2017, Cai Xukun filed a lawsuit against his company, Pelias Entertainment, for poor treatment and the right to terminate his contract. Pelias was allegedly in arrears, and the members of SWIN were said to have to pay for all expenses of their activities, including but not limited to their albums and fanmeetings, without being reimbursed. Furthermore, Pelias demanded that each member sign a debt acknowledgment letter for 1.1 million RMB (approximately US$165,000) to share the production costs for Season 2 of Super Idol. In addition, SWIN had to sign an amendment to their original contract within an hour of notice. This new document not only severely shrank the share of the artists' pay, but also extended the term of their contracts.


Soon after the broadcast of Idol Producer, Pelias filed another case in March 2018, to countersue Kun for the breach of contact, asking that he pay the company 1.1 million RMB for liquidated damages and compensation for their losses.[2] Meanwhile, Pelias demanded for Kun to continue to abide by the terms in the contract, allowing the former to be entitled to 70% of the income Kun earns from dramas, endorsements and variety shows.

The dispute ended on February 2, 2019, with Kun winning the lawsuit.


Name Position(s) Element Title Years active
Zhao Pinlin (赵品霖) Lead Vocalist Sea (Water) Sea Angel (海洋天使) 2016-present
Liu Ye (刘也) Main Dancer, Vocalist Storm (Thunder) Storm Knight (风暴骑士) 2016-present
Yu Gengyin (俞更寅) Leader, Main Vocalist Stars (Light) Star Messenger (星空使者) 2016-present
He Yifan (何屹繁) Lead Rapper Sun (Fire) Sun Child (太阳之子) 2016-present
Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) Main Rapper Snow Snow Elf (雪精灵) 2016-2017
Wumuti (吾木提) Dancer, Vocalist, Youngest Sky (Wind) Sky Prince (天空王子) 2016-2019


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