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S.K.Y was a Chinese project boy group formed through Youku's survival show, We Are Young. They were officially formed on August 28th, 2020. They are made up of 7 members: Li Xikan, Zuo Linjie, Hu Wenxuan. Guo Zhen, Zuo Ye, Zheng Renyu and Lin Mo. They debuted on September 20 with the single 'Burn'.


2017 - 2020: Before We Are Young[]

Prior to We Are Young, many of the members had various activities.

In 2017, Zheng Renyu participated in Come and Sing With Me and Super Idol.

In 2018, Li Xikan, at the time under Mavericks Entertainment, and Zuo Ye participated in Idol Producer. Li Xikan went on to debut with MR-X, and Zuo Ye debuted with Awaken-F. In the same year, Lin Mo debuted with Mr.Tyger.

In 2018, Guo Zhen participated in The Coming One 2.

In 2019, Hu Wenxuan and Lin Mo participated in Youth With You. Hu Wenxuan then joined project group Desert5.

2020 - Present: Official Formation and Debut[]

S.K.Y was formed on August 28th, 2020 by Youku's survival show, We Are Young, were the 7 most voted members debuted in the final group. Their endorsements include, Pandora, Luyuan, Stride, Exeed, Aekyung, Heinz and Saky. Magazines which featured include Nylon, ESQUIREfine and Men's Health. Shows they were featured on are Street Dance of China 3 and Super Hit.

As the center, Li Xikan won a fanmeeting with Pandora on August 30th. Member Zuo Linjie and Zuo Ye had a live with Heinz on September 5th 2020. Their debut performance was Jiangsu Satellite TV's event on September 9th 2020, where they opened, performing "Go! AMIGO" by TFBOYS. Members Li Xikan and Zheng Renyu went to an event for Exeed on September 12th.


Rank Name Company Position(s)
1 Li Xikan (李希侃) Individual Trainee Center, Leader, Rap, Dance, Vocal
2 Zuo Linjie (左林杰) Hongyi Entertainment Dance
3 Hu Wenxuan (胡文煊) Yuehua Entertainment Dance, Vocal, Rap, Visual
4 Guo Zhen (郭震) GME Entertainment Dance, Youngest
5 Zuo Ye (左叶) OACA Entertainment Dance, Rap
6 Zheng Renyu (郑人予) WHY Entertainment Vocal, Rap
7 Lin Mo (林陌) Star Master Entertainment Dance, Vocal


Studio albums[]

  • 时间的信札 (2021)

Extended plays[]

  • S.K.Y I (2020)
  • BlueBlue (2020)

Digital singles[]

  • "Burn" (2020)
  • "NEW SKY" (2020)
  • "The Rest of Summer" (2021)


  • Xikan is a former Cube Tree trainee.
  • Wenxuan is a former SM trainee.
  • Linjie is the only member who has never been on a show before We Are Young.
  • Linjie was originally supposed to debut in P1Harmony, but Hongyi and FNC could not reach an agreement.
  • Lin Mo ranked 14th in Youth With You and was eliminated in the final episode.
  • Wenxuan ranked 24th in Youth With You and was eliminated in episode 10.
  • Zuo Ye ranked 36th in Idol Producer and was eliminated in Episode 7
  • Xikan ranked 13th in Idol Producer and was eliminated in the final episode
  • Before We Are Young, Wenxuan and Xikan already knew each other because NEXT's Xinchun invited them both over to his house
  • Li Xikan and Hu Wenxuan have both done acting work.
  • Li Xikan has also debuted as a soloist.

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