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Hello, we are R-1-S-E! R1SE!

—R1SE's greeting

R1SE was a project boy group under Wajijiwa Entertainment. The group was formed through Tencent Video's survival show Produce Camp 2019. They debuted on June 8, 2019, with the single "R.1.S.E". They were active for two years, before holding a graduation concet in July 13, 2021 and then disbanding on July 14, 2021.

Their name stands for "Run, Number 1, Sun, Energy".


Rank Name Company Position(s) Color
8 Liu Ye (刘也) Pelias Entertainment Dance, Vocal       Fiery Red
9 Ren Hao (任豪) White Media Rap, Dance       Heartbeat Blue
5 Yao Chen (姚琛) Fanling Culture Dance, Rap       Gem Red
7 Zhang Yanqi (张颜齐) Attitude Music Rap       Enchanting Color
10 Zhao Lei (赵磊) Wajijiwa Entertainment Vocal       Lake Blue
6 Zhai Xiaowen (翟潇闻) Wajijiwa Entertainment Vocal       Melting Blue
4 Xia Zhiguang (夏之光) Wajijiwa Entertainment Dance       Aurora Green
1 Zhou Zhennan (周震南) Wajijiwa Entertainment Leader, Center       Starry Blue
11 Zhao Rang (赵让) SDT Entertainment Dance       Violet
2 He Luoluo (何洛洛) Original Plan Entertainment Dance       Powder Blue
3 Yan Xujia (焉栩嘉) Wajijiwa Entertainment Rap       Tartrazine


Extended plays[]

  • Going To Powerfully Burst (就要掷地有声的炸裂) (2019)
  • Boom! Rhapsody! (炸裂狂想曲) (2019)
  • Sunr1se (曜为名) (2020)

Digital singles[]

  • Shout My Name (喊出我的名字) (2019)
  • Be Yourself (2019)
  • World World World (2019)
  • Twelve (十二) (2019)
  • Going To Powerfully Burst (就要掷地有声的炸裂) (2019)
  • Have Fun (2019)
  • Jue Er Wu Da Xiao (角儿无大小) (2020)
  • Madman (瘋子) (2020)
  • Never Surrender (2020)
  • Stars Soaked In Rice (星星泡飯) (2020)
  • Sheng Sheng Bu Xi (聲聲不息) (2020)
  • Chasing Light Barefoot (赤腳追光) (2020)


  • 荣耀的战场 (Glory Battlefield) (The King's Avatar, 2019)
  • R.1.S.E (Men In Black International, 2019)
  • Juvenile (Magic Ancestors, 2019)
  • Innocent (无愧) (Shanghai Fortress, 2019)


Survival shows[]

  • Produce Camp 2019 (Tencent Video, 2019) - contestants
  • We are Blazing (Tencent Video, 2020) - contestants

Reality shows[]

  • Before Sunrise (2021)
  • Super R1SE
  • R1SE Teenagers
  • Super R1SE (First Year)


  • Zhao Lei, Xia Zhiguang, and Yan Xujia are members of X-NINE.
  • He Luoluo is a member of Yi'An Music Club.
  • Liu Ye was a member of SWIN.
  • Ren Hao is a member of ZERO-G.

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