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Quantum Junior (量子少年) is a virtual boy group under Yuehua Entertainment. They debuted on December 17, 2021, with the single "We'll Carry".


In Future college, four boys with different personalities, get together and try their best to reach their dreams of being idols.


The official name of station B is Quantum Junior Official and the two staff members are Gou Ge and Ejiao. Gou Ge is primarily responsible for the technical content such as modeling and special effects, while Ejiao is responsible for behind-the-scenes work such as audio adjustment, operation and slicing during the live broadcast. The official account is established. Current main videos are group broadcast clips and idol boy group daily routines. Every Sunday, the official account of Bilibili will release the preview of this week's live broadcast and every Tuesday it will release the weekly QA to answer questions and suggestions from fans. Repeat: "Hi dear Qbit, thank you for your letter". The four member's Bilibili accounts are now used to post live broadcast sections, post news, and interact with Qbits.



On 12/14, The debut warm-up video was released

On 12/16, They released the first single "We'll Carry" dance

On 12/17, First single "We'll Carry" is dropped on Bilibili, Tiktok and Netease music.

On 12/18, The whole group bilibili premiered


On 2/15, They appeared in the "2022 Bilibili Virtual New Year's Eve" event


Name Position Year(s) active Color
Mu Yu (慕宇) Leader, Main Dancer 2021-present        Firebrick Color
Chu Feng (楚枫) Main Vocalist 2021-present        Cornflower Blue
Shota (祥太) Lead Vocalist 2021-present        Yellow Green
Zeichi (泽一) Vocalist 2021-present        Dark Orange


Date Cover Title
2021.12.17 Quantum Junior We'll Carry We'll Carry


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  • Mu Yu is the leader. At the age of 80, he is the chairman of the Old Man Quantum Junior Mandarin Committee. A pentagon warrior with one less side of the hexagon due to the level of the game, and very little courage. His favorite movie is La La Land. His personality is set as a domineering president and a literary straight man, but after getting to know him more and more, he becomes more and more abstract, and gradually runs wild in a strange direction.
  • Chu Feng likes watching horror movies and fashionable urban beauties, he loves blue colors very much, his favorite dishes are Southeast Asian dishes, and his specialty is ordering takeout. He is a very gentle person. The purest in the team.
  • Shota likes music and traveling, and used to be the lead singer of a band. He is responsible for the atmosphere of the group.
  • Zeichi likes games and reading fanfics. At present, he is a fan of Umamusume, and the game is the trajectory of the sky.