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Odyssey is a boy group under East Side Story. They made their debut on July 14, 2017 with the single "Song of Ashita".

It has one masked member, Mikado, who conceals his identity using an anime character's face.[1][2]


2017: Hanakage and debut[]

In early 2017, a manhua titled Hanakage,[3] which focused on them,[4] was published on IQiYi,[5], being updated every Wednesday and Friday. The manhua focused on Hasune Suruga (駿河 莲音), a boy who had lost his memory, waking up and finding himself to have become an idol.[6][7]

The group held their debut showcase on July 14, 2017. Formed by Japanese music producer Toshiya Kamada (镰田俊哉), Odyssey was presented as "a cross-dimensional idol group".[8]

2018: "Street Corner", The Coming One 2[]

On March 23, 2018, Odyssey released their new single, "Street Corner".[9]

In June of 2018, they became contestants on Tencent Video's The Coming One 2.[10] In October of 2018, they became guests at the Shanghai Firefly Anime Music Festival.[11]


  • Cai Zhengjie (蔡正杰)
  • Liu Jia (刘佳)
  • Zeng Yujie (曾宇杰)
  • Wang Haowei (王浩玮)
  • Mikado (帝)



  • "Snow Love" (雪・恋) (2018)
  • "Tomorrow" (明天) (2019)
  • "The Girl in the Burger Shop" (汉堡店的那个女孩) (2019)


  • "Song of Ashita" (啊嘻獭之歌) (2017)
  • "Floating Carpet" (飘飘布) (2017)
  • "Street Corner" (街角) (2018)
  • "Invisible Wings" (隐形的翅膀) (2019)
  • "White Day" (白色情人节) (2019)
  • "Miss You Miss You Miss You" (想你想你想你) (2019)


Reality shows[]

  • The Coming One 2 (Tencent, 2018) - contestants


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