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Faster and stronger! Hello, we're Mr.Tyger.

—Mr.Tyger's greeting

Mr.Tyger (Mr.钛戈) was a five-member Chinese boy group under Star Master Entertainment. They made their debut on July 31, 2018 with the studio album To The Future.

The group presumably disbanded in 2022.


Name English Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Zhen Nan (圳南) A-Key Leader, Rapper 2018-2022
Lin Mo (林陌) Lim Leader, Vocalist, Rapper 2018-2022
Jin Fan (靳凡) Jimson Vocalist, Dancer 2018-2022
Zhan Yu (展羽) Juney Vocalist, Dancer 2018-2022
Jia Yi (嘉羿) Rapper, Dancer 2018-2022


Studio albums[]

  • To The Future (2018)
  • Youth (2021)

Remix albums[]

  • Mr.Tyger Christmas Remix Special Series (2018)

Digital singles[]

  • "Give Me Your Money" (2020)
  • "Marry Me" (2020)
  • "Mr.钛" (2020)
  • "Fire Fighter" (2021)

Special singles[]

  • "胜利时刻" (2022)

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