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MERA was a Chinese girl group under Mavericks Entertainment. They debuted in August 3, 2017 with the single "Hello Dream".

The M in the group's name stands for "Mavericks", their company. Their name can also be a combination of the words "ME" and "ERA", which mean "my era".

As of 2019, the agency is now gone the group is assumed disbanded.


Final Line-up[]

  • Chen Zeyu (谌泽雨) / Ciel
  • Zhu Xinyu (朱心雨) / Una
  • Zhang Ruimeng (张芮萌) / Mirichy
  • Wang Yue (王玥) / Blair
  • He Xingyu (和星妤) / Shalldy
  • Zhou Yuyang (周昱杨) / Jamie

Member on Hiatus[]

  • Zhang Zining (张紫宁) / Winnie


Extended plays[]

  • "Miracle of Winter" (冬日的奇迹) (2017)


  • "Hello Dream" (Hello 梦想) (2017)
  • "Who Am I" (天生) (2017)
  • "The Brightest Diamond" (2017)
  • "Stay With Me" (陪在我身边) (2017)
  • "First Date" (2018)