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Lin Mo (林墨) is a member of Yi'An Music Club, and a former member of the boy group, INTO1.

He made his solo debut in 2018 with Arch of Youth.




Date Cover Title
2018 Arch of Youth Lin Mo Digital Cover Arch of Youth
2019 File:Lin Mo Sea, Ground, Sky Digital Cover.jpg Sea Ground Sky
2019 Talking to Oneself Talking to Oneself
2020 File:Lin Mo Not Good With Words Digital Cover.jpg Not Good With Words
2021 File:Lin Mo Make Me Wanna Digital Cove.jpg Make Me Wanna


Date Cover Title
2019 File:Lin Mo Sun Yihang Runaway Cover.jpg Runaway
2019 Lin Mo, Yu Muyang, Mo Wenxuan ALIVE Alive
with Yu Muyang and Mo Wenxuan
2020 File:Lin Mo Sun Yihang Twin Stars Cover.jpg Twin Stars


with Sun Yihang


Date Cover Title
2019 Eighteen More Eighteen More


with Sun Yihang

2021 Burning Youth Burning Youth
with Bo Yuan & Zhang Jiayuan
2022 The Song of Yuanyuzhou The Song of Yuanyuzhou



  • Finding Soul (2016) - Support Role
  • 21 Days with an Alien Cat (2016) Main Role
  • Strike it! Painters (2017)- Main Role
  • Youth Melody (2021) - Main Role

Variety Shows[]

Survival Shows[]


  • His favorite movie is Titanic.
  • His birthday when he's in Yi'An Music Club is December 21, 2001.
  • He is a former trainee at TF Entertainment.
  • He likes to watch movies.

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