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King Maker IV (全民造星IV) is a Hong Kong survival show produced and aired by ViuTV in 2021. It is the season 4 of the King Maker series.


It's the first time to accept all female contestants and announce that a girl group will be formed by ViuTV through this show. Given the success of MIRROR, it attracted many participants. It aired at 9:30pm-10:30pm from Monday to Friday about one and a half months on ViuTV. It gave all contestants TV airtime for the solo performances at the first round. Then, it started group competitions. At the final, it was solo competition. The only time audiences could vote was the final competition, they could vote for 1 out of 20 contestants on the official website. The final result was determined by judges (50%) and audiences (50%).


The 2nd - 4th rounds of group competitions:[]

  • Alfred Hui [Singer] [Team A]
  • Joey Leung [Theatre Actor] [Team B]

The last round of group competitions:[]

  • Group 1 - Fatboy of ERROR
  • Group 2 - Anson Kong of MIRROR
  • Group 3 - Dee of ERROR
  • Group 4 - Lokman of MIRROR
  • Group 5 - Jer Lau of MIRROR


  • (1st round) Solo competition: Stephanie Cheng [Dance pop, ballad singer], Donald [DJ] and Chu Pak Hong [Actor]
  • (2nd round) Group Competition: Vincy Chan [Singer], Jim Yan [DJ], Rosa Maria Velasco [Theatre Actress], Chan Fai Young [Composer] and Sherman Chung [Dance pop, ballad singer]
  • (3rd round) Group Competition: Kary Ng [Soloist, former girl group "Cookies" member], Cheuk Wan Chi [DJ, Movie Director, Writer, Actress], On Chan [Soloist, boy group "C AllStar" member], Harry Ng [Composer] and Sunny Chan [Movie Director]
  • (4th round) Group Competition: Joyce Cheng [Dance pop, ballad singer], Andy Leung [Soloist, boy group "C AllStar" member], Jay Fung [Singer-songwriter], Alton Yu [DJ] and Adam Wong [Movie Director]
  • (5th round) Group Competition: Alfred Hui [Mentor], Joey Leung [Mentor], Ahfa Wong [King Maker Series Producer, Manager of MIRROR] and Tai Wing [Manager of COLLAR]
  • (Final) Solo Competition: Kay Tse [Singer], Vincent Kok [Movie Director], Michelle Reis [Actress] and Lo Ting-fai [ViuTV General Manager]


Opening Theme[]

Music Video[]

Live Performances[]

Performers at the Final Competition[]

  • Keung To (Champion of "GoodNight Show - King Maker") , Phoebus Ng (Champion of "King Maker II") and Ben Chiu (Champion of "King Maker III") - "Prequel"
  • P1X3L - "Just Lean On Me"
  • MIRROR - "12"


Girl Groups:[]

- All groups won awards for New Groups on Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2022[1]

Soloists From Girl Groups:[]

  • Winka Chan (COLLAR)
  • Valentina Cho (STRAYZ)
  • Sinnie Ng (Lolly Talk)
  • Elka Cheng (Lolly Talk)


Actresses/ TV Show Hosts (ViuTV Artists):[]

  • Yoyo Kot ("We Got Game" drama actress)[8]
  • WinWin Yeung ("Pay less, Play more" Travel Show Host, "MM730 - Share Hall" - Talk Show Host)[9]
  • Alice Hui ("MM730 - Share Hall" - Talk Show Host)
  • Sica Ho ("MM730 - Share Hall" - Talk Show Host, actress)


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