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IXFORM was a nine-member project boy group under iQiYi. Formed through the survival show Youth With You 3, they debuted on November 5, 2021 with their first EP 将至.

They officially concluded their activities on November 22, 2022.



The nine members were chosen through iQiyi's survival show Youth With You 3, where 9 trainees were picked to debut together. However, due to the controversy sparked by former trainee Yu Jingtian's family's past businesses,[1] along with other cases,[2] which surfaced on April and continued through May, the finale, and in turn the show, were cancelled.[3] Three months later, on July 21, 2021, the nine chosen trainees made their first public appearance at the 2021 Super Music Festival in Chengdu.[4]

2021: Debut with 将至[]

2022: Disbandment[]

On November 6, 2022, their farewell single, "With You", was released. On November 7, 2022, each of the members wrote a graduation message prior to the dissolution of the group.[5] The same month, the graduation fan meeting scheduled to be held on November 20 in Nanjing was postponed.[6]


Name Agency
Liu Jun (刘隽) Individual Trainee
Duan Xing Xing (段星星) M-Nation
Tang Jiu Zhou (唐九洲) Yuehua Entertainment
Lian Huai Wei (连淮伟) Lian Huaiwei Studio
Deng Xiao Ci (邓孝慈) RE Media
Luo Yi Zhou (罗一舟) You Hug Media
Sun Ying Hao (孙滢皓) Laoyu Vision Company
Sun Yihang (孙亦航) Original Plan Entertainment
Liu Guan You (刘冠佑) Haohan Entertainment



  • 将至 (2021)
  • Thin Line (2022)

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