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GENBLUE (幻藍小熊) is a six member pre-debut girl group under TEN Entertainment.


2023-present: Pre-debut, NEXT GIRLZ, For You[]

The group was formed through the reality survival show NEXT GIRLZ which first aired on July 29, 2023 consiting of Rong Rong, Bido, Yu, Tsai Chen, Vicky, Nico, former Youth With You 2 contestant XXIN, former Dancing Diamond 52 contestant Hsu Yuan-yuan, and former Blue Fox member Ayeon.[1] The group placed first overall, winning 6 out of 9 rounds, and will prepare for an official debut in Korea in May 2024.

On November 17, 2023, the group released their first special commemorative album For You featuring songs the group performed on the survival show NEXT GIRLZ.

On April 9, 2024, it was announced that the group would be undergoing a series of training and exams to determin the group's final line-up.[2] Three days later, on April 12, it was revealed that Rong Rong and Vicky had been removed from the group. It was also announced that Bido had decided to leave the group on her own terms.[3]


Name Year(s) active
Ayeon (李娥妍) 2023-present
Hsu Yuan-yuan (許媛媛) 2023-present
Nico 2023-present
Tsai Chen (采甄) 2023-present
XXIN (王心茗) 2023-present
Yu (毓) 2023-present
Bido 2023-2024
Rong Rong (容容) 2023-2024
Vicky 2023-2024


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