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DEMOON was a four member sub-unit of the girl group SNH48. They debuted on August 30, 2019, with the EP Demoon.

They presumably disbanded sometime 2021, as their official profile was removed.


2019: Debut, Demoon[]

On January 19, 2019, the seven-member sub-unit selected by fans was formed during the SNH48 Request Time 5th Edition BEST 50 concert. The members consisted of SNH48's Xu Zixuan, Wu Zhehan, Yang Bingyi, Zhang Yi, Yuan Yiqi, and Zhang Dansan and GNZ48's Zhang Qiongyu.

The group made their stage debut during the SNH48 Group 6th Annual Popularity Election Concert "新的旅程" on July 29, where they performed their unreleased single "FOX".

On August 28, it was announced that Xu Zixuan would go on hiatus from SNH48 and DEMOON due to health reasons.[1] The unit continued to promote as six members. 2 days later, on August 30, the group's debut EP Demoon was released.

On November 17, the group won the "Annual Honorary New Girl Group Award" at the Asian Music Festival.

On December 22, it was announced that Zhang Dansan would go on hiatus from SNH48 and DEMOON. The unit would silently stop promotions and go into an indefinite hiatus.

2021: Official disbandment[]

After 2 years of no promotions, the group was assumed to be officially disbanded in 2021 when their information, along with other SNH48 sub-units, was removed from the SNH48 official website.


Name Group Year(s) active
Haruka (徐子轩) SNH48 Team SII 2019
Dansan (张丹三) SNH48 Team X 2019
Renren (吴哲晗) SNH48 Team SII 2019-2020
Shuishui (杨冰怡) SNH48 Team X 2019-2021
Neon (袁一琦) SNH48 Team HII 2019-2021
Soso (张琼予) GNZ48 Team G 2019-2021
Yoko (张怡) SNH48 Team NII 2019-2021



Awards and nominations[]

Year Event Category Result
2019 Asian Music Festival Annual Honorary New Girl Group Award Won





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