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DAYLIGHT was a pre-debut four-member girl group under Yuehua Entertainment.


Pre-debut: Youth With You 2, DAYLIGHT and disbandment[]

In the spring of 2020, Chen Xinwei, Song Zhaoyi, Xiya, Ai Yiyi and Jin Zihan were confirmed to be contestants on the Chinese reality survival show Youth With You 2. A few months after the show, on October 21, Yue Hua Entertainment revealed that the four trainees who appeared on Youth with You 2 would form the girl group DAYLIGHT.

On December 4, 2021, Jin Zihan was confirmed as a member in Yuehua's upcoming girl group NAME, thus confirming her departure from DAYLIGHT. It is highly speculated that DAYLIGHT's debut was cancelled not long after and all the members besides Jin Zihan and Chen Xinwei have left Yue Hua entertainment, though no official confirmation has been given by the company.


Name Year(s) active
Jin Zihan (金子涵) 2020-2021
Chen Xinwei (陈昕葳) 2020-2021
Song Zhaoyi (宋昭艺) 2020-2021
Xiya (希娅) 2020-2021
Ai Yiyi (艾依依) 2020-2021

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