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Carol is a virtual singer under Yuehua Entertainment. She was a former member of the group A-SOUL.

Carol is a cool short-haired girl, and the singer of the group.



On May 2022, A-SOUL's official Weibo page announced that Carol would enter a hiatus for health reasons, and leave the group for a while. However, netizens soon uncovered old social media posts, allegedly from the person behind Carol, which implied that she (along with other members of A-SOUL) were forced to work for many hours. They soon were angered and demanded better care for A-SOUL, and for the companies managing them (Yuehua and ByteDance) to assume responsibility for their wellbeing.[1] A-SOUL's staff later replied, denying the claims.

Later on, the staff presented Carol's contract termination.


Digital singles[]

  • "Wandering Singer" (2022)


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