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(Extraordinary radiance, Bonbon Girls 303)

—Bonbon Girls 303

Bonbon Girls 303 (硬糖少女303; also shortened to BBG303) was a seven-member project girl group under Wajijiwa Entertainment. Formed through the survival show Produce Camp 2020, they debuted on August 11, 2020 with the EP The Law of Hard Candy.

They were active for two years on a special contract before officially disbanding on July 4, 2022, where the group's exclusive contract ended.


Pre-debut: Produce Camp 2020[]

On May 2, 2020, the reality survival show Produce Camp 2020 premiered. The show's live finale was broadcast on July 4, 2020, with the top 7 winners becoming a girl group named Bonbon Girls 303. The group's debut lineup included Xilinnayi Gao from Dream Sound Entertainment, Zhao Yue from STAR48, Wang Yijin from Jay Walk Studio, Chen Zhuoxuan from TH Entertainment, Zheng Naixin from Huaying Entertainment, Liu Xiening from Hot Idol Entertainment and Zhang Yifan from TF Entertainment.

2020: Debut with The Law of Hard Candy, BON-US, "拉我"[]

On August 11, the group officially debuted with the EP The Law of Hard Candy. In the afternoon of the same day, a group press conference was held in which was announced that the group's fandom name would be Tangzhi (糖纸), and announced Xilinnayi Gao as the leader of the group.[1]

On October 25, the group's official variety show BON-US first aired on Tencent Video.

On November 6, the group held their "The Law of Hard Candy" Bonbon Girls 303 Debut Concert.

On November 27, they released their first promotional single "拉我".

2021: "Just Team Up", She Fighter, Fearless Girls[]

On February 8, they released their second promotional single "Just Team Up".

On March 4, the group joined the sports variety show "She Fighter" where they helped promote a new dojo while also learning martial arts skills.[2]

On April 27, they released their second EP Fearless Girls to celebrate the group's first anniversary.

2022: BonBon Voyage, disbandment[]

On May 20, they released their third and final EP BonBon Voyage.

On July 24, the group held their "BonBon Voyage" Bonbon Girls 303 Graduation Concert. The group officially disbanded the same day.[3]


Rank Name Position(s) Agency Color
English Hanzi Nickname
2 Zhao Yue 赵粤 Akira Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Eldest STAR48        Red Thread of Fate
6 Liu Xiening 刘些宁 Sally Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist Hot Idol Entertainment        Sally Yellow
       Jelly Purple
3 Wang Yijin 王艺瑾 Rita Lead Vocalist Jay Walk Studio        Jade
5 Zheng Naixin 郑乃馨 Nene Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Huaying Entertainment        Carnation
4 Chen Zhuoxuan 陈卓璇 Krystal Co-Leader, Main Vocalist TH Entertainment        Luminescent Rainbow White
1 Xilinnayi Gao 希林娜依·高 Curley Gao Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Center Dream Sound Entertainment        Curley Blue
7 Zhang Yifan 张艺凡 N/A Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Youngest TF Entertainment        Lilac Purple



Promotional singles[]


  • "星河交响曲" (with Various Artists) (2022)



Survival shows[]

Variety shows[]

  • BON-US (Tencent, 2020)
  • She Fighter (Tencent, 2021)


  • "The Law of Hard Candy" Bonbon Girls 303 Debut Concert (2020)
  • "BonBon Voyage" Bonbon Girls 303 Graduation Concert (2022)


  • Bonbon Girls Global Fan Meeting (2020)
  • "The Law of Hard Candy" Physical Album Signing Event in Beijing (2021)

Awards and nominations[]

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