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Asia Super Young (亞洲超星團) was a survival show created by TVB and STAR China Media, and broadcast by TVB Jade and Youku.


  • Cheng Xiao
  • Edmond So



  • C Kwan
  • Luk Wing


Agency Name Age Notes
Individual Trainees Ai Yukun
19 N/A
Ouyin Media Akilyar
20 N/A
Individual Trainees Au Pako
21 N/A
A Xinran
23 N/A
Chen Liang
22 Former Boys Planet contestant
22 N/A
TVB Fang Yuheng
15 N/A
Individual Trainees Hao Ruiran
20 N/A
J Double Entertainment Vietnam Huang Huixiong
24 N/A
Individual Trainees Huang Pan
22 N/A
Beijing Uncommon Culture Huang Xin
24 N/A
TVB Huang Xingchuo
23 N/A
HHOPE Media Kosuke
22 Former member of UTH and HNB,
former Under Nineteen contestant
Individual Trainees Lin Shiyuan
23 Former Boys Planet contestant
Speculative Culture Li Zeyang
21 N/A
HHOPE Media Lui
21 N/A
TVB Man Chohong
23 Former Stars Academy 2 contestant
HHOPE Media Ryunosuke
24 Former Produce 101 Japan contestant
Individual Trainees Shen Zihao
24 N/A
TVB Sin Chingfung
25 Former Stars Academy and King Maker II contestant
Individual Trainees Sun Jingdon
22 Former Rap Star 2 contestant
Sun Xiaowei
20 N/A
Beijing Kundeqiyu Wang Kun
18 N/A
Individual Trainees Wang Yanhong
24 Former ASE Entertainment trainee,
former Boys Planet contestant
Wei Xuanwen
18 N/A
TVB Wong Yibin
23 Former Stars Academy contestant
Individual Trainees Xiao Yuhao
23 Former Banana Culture Music trainee
Xie Xin
21 Former Qin's Entertainment trainee
Zhao Tianyi
14 Former Street Dance of China contestant
Access Bright Entertainment Hiromu
23 Former Produce 101 Japan 2 contestant
17 N/A
23 Former WARPs DIG and Produce 101 Japan 2 contestant
Banana Culture Music Bai Ziyi
23 Member of TRAINEE18
Wu Xuanmye
21 Member of TRAINEE18
Yang Chuanzhou
18 Member of TRAINEE18
Yang Yichen
24 Member of TRAINEE18
ESTAR Media Aihe
20 N/A
Giant Goal Entertainment Shu Hao
22 Former The Coming One 5 contestant
GK Entertainment Jiang Wenjun
22 N/A
Jaywalk Newjoy Zhu Yongqiang
24 N/A
Lionsfire Pictures Tan Shiyuan
20 Actor
L.TAO Entertainment Zhong Junyi
21 Former Youth With You 3 contestant
Moon Entertainment Luo Yijie
20 Former Atom Boyz contestant
One Cool Jacso Entertainment Cai Xin
24 Former member of OCJ NEWBIES and LIMITLESS
Kim Dongbin
22 Former member of OCJ NEWBIES and Kiwi Box,
former Produce 101 Season 2, Produce X 101 contestant
Hwang Seungdae
25 Former member of OCJ NEWBIES and CHECKMATE
SDT Entertainment Lin Zhanshuo
19 Member of ENONE
Tan Yitian
20 Member of ENONE
Zhang Shengxi
24 Member of ENONE
TOV Entertainment Xu Yuankun
22 N/A
TVB Ting Tzelong
26 Actor
Universal Music Hong Kong Yu Zongyao
23 Former Produce Camp 2019 contestant
Xingyu Yinhe Entertainment Ning Hoyin
22-23[lower-alpha 1] N/A
Yuehua Entertainment Chen Xinhao
21 Member of BOYHOOD
Guo Dianjia
18-19[lower-alpha 1] Member of BOYHOOD,
former member of YHBOYS
He Mu'en
19 Member of NEVERLAND
Jiang Xinxi
21 Member of BOYHOOD
Liang Shiyu
22 Member of BOYHOOD
Li Quanzhe
22 Debuted as a soloist on May 9, 2017,
member of NEXT,
former contestant on Idol Producer
Li Yi
20 Member of NEVERLAND
17 Former Boys Planet contestant
Wang Dongchen
25 Member of NEVERLAND
Wang Muqing
25 Member of BOYHOOD
Yin Junlan
23 Member of BOYHOOD
Zhang Haolian
22-23[lower-alpha 1] Member of trainee group ONECENTER,
former member of New Storm


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Contestant turned a year older during the show's airing.

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