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7SENSES (Chinese: 国际小分队; Korean: 세븐센시스) is a five-member sub-unit of the girl group SNH48. Originally as seven, they debuted on April 17, 2017 with the EP Seven Sen7es.


2017: Debut stage, Seven Sen7es, "Like A Diamond", Chapter:Blooming[]

7SENSES Seven Sen7es promotional image

Concept photo for Seven Sen7es

On March 27, the sub-unit was revealed at the 24th ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards where they performed the song "Girl Crush". The members consisted of Team SII's Xu Jiaqi, Dai Meng, Kong Xiaoyin, and Zhang Yuge, Team NII's Zhao Yue, Team HII's Xu Yangyuzhuo, and Team X's Chen Lin.[1]

On April 17, the group made their official debut with the self-titled EP Seven Sen7es, with "Girl Crush" as the main track.

On November 17, they made their first comeback with the pre-release digital single "Like A Diamond". A week later, on November 24, they released their second EP Chapter:Blooming, with "Kiki's Secret" as the main track.

2018-2019: Swan, Korean debut, New Plan[]

On December 12, 2018, they released their third EP Swan.

On February 19, 2019, the group made their South Korean debut with the Korean version of their song "Swan". The group traveled to South Korea to promote the song on the MBC Music program "Show Champion" on February 27.[2]

On November 4, they released their fourth EP New Plan.

2020: "We Are", Youth With You 2 & Produce Camp 2020, The Shadows[]

7SENSES U Know concept photo 2

Concept photo for The Shadows

On January 13, they released their second digital single "We Are".

On January 15, it was revealed that Kiki, Diamond, Tako, and Eliwa would be participating in the iQIYI survival reality show Youth With You 2, which first aired on March 20.[3] On April 8, it was revealed that Akira would be participating in the Tencent survival reality show Produce Camp 2020, which first aired May 2.[4] On May 29, Lynn and Bee participated in the Tencent survival reality show We Are Blazing as a part of SNH48 Group.[5]

On May 30, Kiki was revealed as a member of the new project girl group THE9 on the final episode of Youth With You 2. On July 4, Akira was revealed as a member of the new project girl group Bonbon Girls 303 on the final episode of Produce Camp 2020. Both members will go on hiatus from 7SENSES.

On July 24, the sub-unit temporarily reformed as a five-member group with the EP The Shadows. To promote the single, the group began their 7SENSES "The Shadows" Tour 2020 in August.

On October 14, 2020, members Kiki, Diamond, Tako, and Bee graduated from SNH48 due to their contracts expiring. However, they all decided to stay with STAR48 and sign a new exclusive contract to continue as 7SENSES members.

2021: Bee's departure, Kiki's return[]

On March 14, Bee posted on her SNS that she would be leaving the unit due to outside pressure from fans following her dating scandal.

On December 5, Kiki returned to the unit due to her contract with THE9 coming to an end.

2022: Crazy For You, Akira's return, Tako's departure[]

On January 9, the group held the 7SENSES "Crazy For You" Comeback Concert in Shanghai.

On July 4, Akira returned to the unit due to her contract with Bonbon Girls 303 coming to an end.

On October 31, it was officially announced that the unit would continue as five members with the departure of Bee and Tako.[6]

On November 11, the group reunited with their sixth EP Crazy For You.


Name Position(s) Sense Year(s) active
Akira (赵粤) Vocalist, Lead Dancer Taste 2017-present
Eliwa (许杨玉琢) Main Rapper, Vocalist Time 2017-present
Kiki (许佳琪) Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Face of the Group Smell 2017-present
Lynn (陈琳) Main Vocalist, Youngest Sight 2017-present
Diamond (戴萌) Lead Vocalist Touch 2017-present
Bee (孔肖吟) Leader, Lead Rapper Hearing 2017-2022
Tako (张语格) Vocalist, Visual, Center Soul 2017-2022




Digital singles[]

Special singles[]



Digital singles[]


Variety shows[]

  • Lucky Seven Baby (2017-2023)

Survival shows[]


Name Date
SNH48 7SENSES "GIRL CRUSH" 1st Showcase in Shanghai Apr 07 2017
SNH48 7SENSES "7SENSES" 1st Showcase in Beijing Apr 27 2017 at BEJ48 Theater
SNH48 7SENSES "Chapter: Blooming" Tour Dec 07 2017 at BEJ48 Theater
Dec 17 2017 at SNH48 Theater
Dec 22 2017 at GNZ48 Theater
SNH48 FAMILY GROUP & SNH48 5th Anniversary Concert Feb 02 2018 in Shanghai
SNH48 sub-units 7SENSES & HO2 & BLUEV Joint Tour Jan 17 2019 at GNZ48 Theater
SNH48 7SENSES 2nd Anniversary Apr 06 2019 at SNH48 Theater
SNH48 7SENSES "U KNOW" Comeback Showcase Aug 02 2020 in Shanghai
SNH48 7SENSES "THE SHADOWS" Tour Aug 28 2020 in Chengdu
Aug 30 2020 in Xi'an
Oct 17 2020 in Guangzhou
Nov 21 2020 in Beijing
Dec 27 2020 in Changsha
Jan 21 2021 in Chongqing
SNH48 7SENSES "Crazy For You" Comeback Concert Jan 9 2022
SNH48 7SENSES "Encore" Tour Nov 12 2022 in Chengdu
Feb 18 2023 at SNH48 Theater

Awards and nominations[]

Year Event Category Result
2017 Asia Artist Awards Best Star Award Won
Miguhui Music Awards Top 10 Golden Melodies of the Year Won
2018 25th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Oriental Newcomer Awards Won
Soribada Best Music Awards New Korean Wave Overseas Entertainment Award Won
2019 26th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Most Popular Group Won
2020 27th ERC Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Most Popular Group Won





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